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Wedding Weight Jitters
Apr 18th, 2012 Headlines

Some brides are turning their wedding preparation into a real life Hunger Games. They’re going to extremes to lose weight before they walk down the aisle.

Weight is a huge concern for most brides to be. In fact, purchase Cornell researchers found in 2007, about 70% of the women they surveyed said they wanted to lose weight before their wedding. This typically means about 20 pounds.

We know that brides try all kinds of crash diets and exercise programs to shed unwanted pounds. There is a radical diet, called the K-E diet, which is getting a lot of recent attention. Currently performed by a physician down in Florida, a bride would have a tube inserted into her nose, down her throat, and into her stomach. With the procedure costing about $1,500, she would be fed a liquid diet of 800 calories a day for up to 10 days. Dieters are told they can lose up to 20 pounds in these 10 days. While this is new here in the United States, it actually has been around in Europe for many years.

Of course, most doctors are saying this diet is a little crazy. Not only is it uncomfortable to walk around with anasogastric tube that is passed down into your stomach, but it can be risky and can possibly cause internal damage. These tubes are reserved for people who can’t safely feed themselves, not healthy people who just want to lose weight quickly. Plus, being on a calorie restricted protein diet can make you miserable with headaches, constipation, and bad breath. These are side effects that a soon-to-be bride might want to stay away from. In the long run, the diet can also lead to kidney stones, constipation, and nutritional deficiencies. As far as the short-term effects go, you’re basically losing water weight. You will mostly likely gain the weight back-if not more- right after you stop.

We must remember that there is a safe way to lose weight. Give yourself plenty of time and come up with a sensible meal plan and exercise regimen. The realistic goal should be to lose about 1-2 pounds a week.

Watching your weight doesn’t have to end at the altar, either. Newlyweds tend to gain weight at a faster rate than their single peers. Newlyweds eat more regularly, and more formally, than they did in their single days. Try to cook and work-out together to stay healthy and connected.

To feel less stressed about the wedding, keep things in perspective. Identify people to help you manage the chaos. In addition, use stress relieving techniques like yoga and massage therapy to calm your nerves.

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