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Summer Concerns Quiz
Jun 15th, 2011 Headlines

Especially for children, information pills the start of summer brings barbeques, pool parties, and countless hours outdoors in the sun. Quiz yourself on these important topics, from ecoli to sun exposure, in order to keep your children safe as they adventure outdoors for the hot summer months.

How long is it safe to leave cooked meats, salads, and all the rest of those condiments outdoors?

Children can actually get sick from playing in the sandbox.

Kids love picking up critters to play with. Your child less likely to get sick from holding a pet frog than holding one brought in from the outside.  

A tick must stay on the body for 48 hours before it can transmit the Lyme Disease bacterium.

Pools that are chlorinated are free from germs.

It is not safe to use insect repellents containing "DEET" on the children under one year of age?  

Products that contain both a sunscreen and insect repellents are a great option for children.

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