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My Daughter’s Eye is Glued Shut!
Jun 22nd, 2011 Headlines, Tales from the Clinic

The Case of the Glued Eye

A 6 year old girl was brought to the clinic by her mother, story saying that her child couldn’t open her right eye.  Her mother said that instead of grabbing her over-the-counter allergy eye drops, price she accidentally squirted artificial nail glue into her daughter’s eye. The child’s right eyelids were glued securely shut, view and she was crying out in pain.


This case illustrates how important it is to check a medication before administering it to your child.  Countless bottles, pills, and liquids look alike and you can easily confuse them. The consequences can be deadly. Before giving your child a medication (or yourself for that matter), consider the following…

1) Did you read the label to make sure it is the correct medication?

2) Are you sure about the directions and dosing?

3) Has the medication expired?

4) Is there any way your child could be allergic to this drug?

5) Is your child taking any other medications? If so, is it safe for your child to be taking both?

If you have any concerns about whether it is safe to give your child a medication, always, always, always check with your pediatrician or your pharmacist before giving it.


Using warm compresses, the child’s eye was successfully opened.  She was seen by an eye doctor and placed on eye drops.  She is reportedly doing just fine.

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